Describe a Family Member You Spend a Lot of Time With

Describe a Family Member You Spend a Lot of Time With

Describe a family member you spend a lot of time with. You should say:

  • Who this person is?
  • What you usually do together?
  • What kind of person he/she is?
  • And explain why you spend the most time with him/her.

There are so many people with who I communicate on a daily basis, but there is one person whom I am very fond of, and I can’t just imagine my life without that person, and that is my sister. We have always been together since our robot.

We do so many activities together at the beginning of the day. We go to the gym, and then we do workouts with similar kinds of workouts there.

Another coincidence is that we work in the same organization lot of things about the company and the work culture, and sometimes we also talk about our colleagues because of the work from home.

We are also together in the same room, and we tend to attend similar kinds of meetings as well. Basically, she is an extrovert person, basically two poles apart.

Other than this, we have the same interest, such as going out to new places kinds of interest in eating habits, and we like to do lots of shopping times we also share outfits which match both of us.

Recently we also went to a nearby restaurant, and we liked the same food and wanted to visit once again.

Part 3 Questions:- Describe a Family Member You Spend a Lot of Time With

Q 1:- What are the advantages of strong family relationships?

Family is the most important and crucial part of anyone’s life. Without family members, especially our parents, are role models. Anyone else an individual decides or is depressed times V10 to run to our parents and share some of our grief will make the content feel that it actually feels good if we share our problems with them. Also, during our happy moments, they are the most supportive and encouraging people when we achieve anything in our life is the key part in anyone’s life.

Q 2:- How many generations are usually living under one roof in your country?

India is a land of ancestors who have lived under the same roof for so many decades. Some family businesses have been running within the same household for so many years. Again in India, people prefer to stay with their family members, and they are honourable to value their families’ culture. They also want to take it along with their future generations and carry it forward to their future generations as well.

Q 3:- What are the benefits, and drawbacks of a family of several generations living together?

There are so many advantages and disadvantages of people living under the same roof for so many generations firstly we would have a strong bonding with our family, and we would also respect the culture which our ancestors have been following since their childhood days. On the other hand, people are unable to migrate to other cities, and also they are facing issues in communicating with other people and are unable to cope with the latest changes in technologies.

Q 4:- Do both parents have equal responsibilities in taking care of their children?

Yes, Nobody, both the mother as well as the father, is equally involved in taking care of their children. I’m with their kids after they are working. Half people are also enforcing do they have a good bonding with their families. They are robbed during the dinners to get to know about their kids and also have good communication with their entire family.

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