Describe a Job You Would Not Like to Do

Describe a Job You Would Not Like to Do

Describe a job you would not like to do. You should say:

  • What the job is?
  • How you know about it?
  • Whether it is an easy or difficult job?
  • And explain why you would not like to do it.

Sample Describe a Job You Would Not Like to Do.

India is a diverse country. There are many Jobs available in each and every City if one thinks a job plays a part and parcel role in everyone’s life.

In my City there are many jobs such as engineering, banking, doctors and many more here I would like to talk about a job that I would don’t want to do the job is the teacher because I think and more work but their salary as compared to other profession was low.

My friend is a very good teacher. She did her job well but earned a very small amount. I know this job from her because she is a teacher. She continuously gives six to seven lectures every day except Sunday.

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Moreover, I think this is an arduous job because this job needs a piece of more knowledge about subjects. I think I do not have the qualities to teach someone step-by-step, and the cardinal point is that I have no patience. So I think it is very hard for me.

This job is extremely stressful, with no work-life balance, leading to numerous health problems. This job is full of responsibility to complete the syllabus in a particular time. It is a challenging job. So I would not like to do this job.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Job You Would Not Like to Do

Q 1:- How do you think AI (artificial intelligence) will affect people’s work?

Al will help us save time by scheduling a meeting and analyzing large made amounts of data. It makes work easier for individuals to perform the task of their daily life.

Q 2:- What would you say are the important factors to consider when choosing a career?

The most imperative reason is the level of satisfaction that person would like to achieve from work and the nature of personality.

Q 3:- That technology will make some people lose their jobs. How do you think this problem should be handled?

No doubt technology is proliferating at a rapid pace. And excessive use of advanced technology cause one to lose an individual job because it is the fastest way to complete a task in minimum time compared to humans. The government should reduce technologies and neglect the difference between the rich and the poor. Only abilities can matter.

Q 4:- Would you ever move to work and live in another city?

When I get a chance in future, I will definitely go to another city for better work. It helps me to improve my confidence level and boost my commuting skills.

Q 5:- Is it common in your country for people to move to other cities because of work?

Yes, it is ordinary in my country for the individual to go to well-developed urban areas because of work. One reason is that where they live, there is a lack of work and another can concrete reason is that for a better future, for instance, Mumbai is ita dream City and makes individuals go to this City to fulfil their needs and become successful people.

Q 6:- When young people choose their jobs, which do you think is usually more important, the salary or their interest in the work?

I think when choosing a job, salary is more important. When a person earns a huge salary, they focus more on the work because they are not suffering from any financial crisis and enjoy their work.

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