Describe a Place You Have Describe a New Law You Would Like to Introduce in Your Countryto Where Things Are Expensive

Describe a New Law You Would Like to Introduce in Your Country

Describe a new law you would like to introduce in your country

You should say:

  • What law it is
  • What changes this law brings
  • Whether this new law will be popular How you came up with the new law
  • And explain how you feel about this new law

Sample Answer of Describe a new law you would like to introduce in your country

If I had the power to introduce a new law in India, it would be a mandatory recycling law. This law would require all households, businesses, and institutions to separate recyclable materials from their general waste. Items such as paper, plastic, glass, and metal would need to be sorted into designated bins for recycling.

This law would bring about significant changes in environmental conservation. Firstly, it would drastically reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, which are currently overflowing and causing severe pollution problems. By recycling, we can conserve natural resources and reduce the energy consumption associated with manufacturing new products. Additionally, it would promote a culture of environmental responsibility among citizens, encouraging them to think more critically about their consumption and waste habits.

I believe this new law would become quite popular over time. Initially, there might be resistance due to the additional effort required for sorting waste. However, with proper education and awareness campaigns, people would understand the long-term benefits for the environment and future generations. The government could also incentivize compliance by offering tax breaks or subsidies for those who consistently follow the recycling guidelines.

I came up with this idea after observing the severe waste management issues in my city. Mountains of garbage are often seen on the streets, and the sight is not only unpleasant but also harmful to public health. Seeing successful recycling programs in other countries made me realize that such a system could greatly benefit India as well.

I feel very positive about this law. Implementing a mandatory recycling program would be a major step towards a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable India. It would not only improve our environment but also set a precedent for other developing countries to follow, showcasing India’s commitment to global environmental issues.

Follow ups Describe a New Law You Would Like to Introduce in Your Country

Question 1.​ ​What rules should students follow at school?

Answer – Students should follow several essential rules at school to maintain a conducive learning environment. They should be punctual, attend classes regularly, and complete assignments on time. Respecting teachers and peers, adhering to the school’s dress code, and maintaining discipline in classrooms and common areas are also crucial. Additionally, students should avoid disruptive behavior and follow all school policies and guidelines.

Question 2.​ ​Do people in your country usually obey the law?

Answer – In India, most people generally obey the law, recognizing its importance for societal harmony and safety. However, compliance can vary, with some individuals occasionally disregarding regulations, especially in areas like traffic rules or environmental laws. The enforcement and awareness of laws play significant roles in ensuring adherence, and ongoing efforts are needed to improve legal compliance across the country.

Question 3.​ ​What kinds of behavior are considered as good behavior?

Answer – Good behavior includes showing respect and kindness to others, being honest, and demonstrating responsibility. It involves following societal norms and laws, being punctual, and keeping promises. Additionally, good behavior encompasses helping those in need, showing empathy, maintaining good manners, and contributing positively to the community, all of which foster a harmonious and supportive environment.

Question4.​ ​Do you think children can learn about the law outside of school?

Answer – Yes, children can learn about the law outside of school through various means such as family discussions, community programs, and media. Parents can teach legal principles at home, while community initiatives and educational TV shows or books can provide practical examples. These experiences help children understand the importance of laws and their role in society from a young age.

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