Describe a Risk You Took that You Thought Would Lead to A Terrible Result but Ended up With a Positive Result

Describe a Risk You Took that You Thought Would Lead to A Terrible Result but Ended up With a Positive Result

Describe a risk you took that you thought would lead to a terrible result but ended up with a positive result
You Should Say:

  • What was it?
  • Why you took it?
  • What was the result?
  • How did you feel about it?

Sample Answer 1 Describe a Risk You Took that You Thought Would Lead to A Terrible Result but Ended up With a Positive Result

One significant risk I took was during my final year of university when I decided to apply for an internship at a prestigious company, despite feeling underqualified and fearing that my application wouldn’t stand a chance against more experienced candidates. The role was in a field I was deeply passionate about but had limited direct experience in. My decision was driven by the desire to challenge myself and the belief that stepping out of my comfort zone was essential for personal and professional growth.

To my surprise, not only was my application accepted, but I also excelled in the interview process, which led to me securing the internship. This opportunity allowed me to gain invaluable hands-on experience, work alongside industry experts, and significantly expand my professional network. It was a pivotal moment that played a crucial role in shaping my career path.

The outcome of this risk was immensely positive. It boosted my self-confidence and shattered the self-imposed limitations I had about my capabilities. The success of this venture taught me the importance of perseverance, the value of taking calculated risks, and the fact that self-doubt should never be a barrier to pursuing opportunities.

Reflecting on this experience, I feel proud and empowered. It was a vivid reminder that growth often lies on the other side of fear and that taking risks, even when the odds seem stacked against you, can lead to unexpected and rewarding outcomes. This lesson has encouraged me to continue seeking challenges and to approach future risks with optimism and an open mind.

Sample Answer 2 Describe a Risk You Took that You Thought Would Lead to A Terrible Result but Ended up With a Positive Result

The risk I took involved quitting a stable job to start my own business, a decision that seemed daunting and fraught with potential for failure. At the time, I was in a comfortable position within a reputable company, with a steady income and clear career progression. However, I felt unfulfilled and had a burgeoning idea for a startup that I couldn’t shake off. The drive behind taking this risk was fueled by a desire for autonomy and the urge to pursue my passion, despite the financial instability and uncertainty it entailed.

The result, contrary to my fears, was profoundly positive. After enduring initial challenges, including financial strain and the steep learning curve of entrepreneurship, my business gradually began to take shape and gain traction. Within a year, it turned profitable, receiving recognition in its niche market. This venture allowed me not only to work on something I deeply cared about but also to learn invaluable lessons in resilience, leadership, and innovation.

Reflecting on this experience evokes a mix of emotions. There was an overwhelming sense of relief when the business started to succeed, validating the risk taken. I felt a profound sense of accomplishment and pride, not just in the success of the business, but more so in having the courage to follow my convictions. This leap of faith into the unknown taught me the importance of resilience and adaptability and has instilled a confidence in me that whatever challenges come my way, I am capable of overcoming them.

Sample Answer 3 Describe a Risk You Took that You Thought Would Lead to A Terrible Result but Ended up With a Positive Result

One notable risk I took was switching my major from Engineering to Fine Arts during my second year of university. This decision was fraught with uncertainty, primarily because Engineering is often viewed as a more “practical” field with a clear career path, whereas Fine Arts is seen as less certain in terms of job prospects and financial stability. My passion for art and creativity was the driving force behind this bold move, despite the fear of future instability and the skepticism from peers and family.

The result of this risk was unexpectedly positive. Immersing myself in a field I was truly passionate about made me excel academically and personally. I was more engaged, happier, and my work began to reflect a level of depth and innovation that had been missing before. By my final year, I had not only developed a strong portfolio but also secured a coveted internship with a renowned design studio, leading to a full-time position upon graduation.

This experience instilled in me a profound sense of accomplishment and empowerment. The initial anxiety and fear gave way to pride in my achievements and the choices I made. It was a stark reminder that following one’s passion, despite the risks, can lead to fulfilling outcomes not just career-wise but also in personal growth and happiness. This risk, which I feared might derail my professional life, instead paved the way for a rewarding and enriching career path that aligns with my true interests and abilities.

Sample Answer 4 Describe a Risk You Took that You Thought Would Lead to A Terrible Result but Ended up With a Positive Result

The risk I took involved resigning from a secure, well-paying job to pursue further education abroad. My decision was met with skepticism and concern from my family and friends, who worried about the loss of financial security and the challenges of adapting to a new culture alone. The motivation behind this leap was my belief in the importance of furthering my education to achieve my career aspirations, despite the uncertainty and potential for failure.

Against all odds, the outcome was extraordinarily positive. Not only did I adapt well to the new environment and culture, but I also thrived academically. The program provided me with invaluable knowledge, skills, and networking opportunities that significantly enhanced my career prospects. By the time I graduated, I had multiple job offers from reputable companies, one of which was my dream job.

Reflecting on this experience, I feel an overwhelming sense of pride and fulfillment. Taking such a significant risk taught me the importance of resilience, hard work, and the pursuit of one’s goals, regardless of the obstacles. It instilled in me a newfound confidence and reassured me that stepping out of one’s comfort zone is often the path to discovering new horizons and achieving greater success. This risk, which initially seemed like it could lead to regret and failure, instead opened up a world of opportunities and personal growth that I would have never experienced otherwise.

Sample Answer 5 Describe a Risk You Took that You Thought Would Lead to A Terrible Result but Ended up With a Positive Result

The risk I took was moving to a city far from home for a job opportunity, leaving behind my family, friends, and everything familiar. The job was in my field of interest but at a startup, which carried inherent risks of instability and uncertainty. My apprehension was rooted in the fear of isolation, potential job insecurity, and the daunting task of adapting to an entirely new environment.

I embarked on this venture driven by a desire for professional growth and a deep-seated belief in the startup’s mission. It felt like a now-or-never moment to push my boundaries and pursue my career aspirations, despite the palpable risk of failure and loneliness.

The outcome surpassed my expectations. The job not only provided me with a wealth of experience but also helped me develop resilience and adaptability. The startup culture encouraged innovation and collaboration, enabling me to contribute significantly and grow as a professional. More so, the move forced me out of my social comfort zone, leading to new friendships and a broader support network. Surprisingly, the city began to feel like home.

Reflecting on the decision, I am filled with a profound sense of accomplishment and gratitude. The initial dread of making a wrong move evolved into pride in my adaptability and courage. This experience taught me the value of taking calculated risks, trusting my instincts, and the importance of stepping out of my comfort zone for personal and professional growth. It turned out to be one of the most enriching chapters of my life, emphasizing that growth often requires taking risks that may initially seem daunting.


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Question 1 How should parents teach their children what a risk is?

Answer – Parents should teach children about risk by encouraging them to try new activities in a safe and supervised environment. Discussing the outcomes of different choices can help children understand consequences and learn decision-making skills. It’s about balancing caution with courage, teaching them to assess situations thoughtfully.

Question 2 What risks should parents tell their children to avoid?

Answer –Parents should caution their children against risks that pose serious harm to their health and safety, such as engaging in dangerous behaviors or experimenting with substances. They should also stress the importance of digital safety, warning against sharing personal information online or trusting strangers.

Question 3 Why do some people like to watch risk-taking movies?

Answer –People enjoy risk-taking movies because they provide a sense of thrill and excitement without the real-world consequences. These films allow viewers to experience adrenaline rushes and the exhilaration of danger from the safety of their seats, catering to the human fascination with the unknown.

Question 4 What kinds of sports are dangerous but exciting?

Answer –Sports like skydiving, rock climbing, and surfing are considered dangerous yet thrilling. They often involve elements of extreme height, speed, or natural forces, providing an adrenaline rush and a sense of accomplishment upon completion, despite the inherent risks involved.

Question 5 Why do some people enjoy extreme sports? –

Answer – Some people enjoy extreme sports because they seek the adrenaline rush that comes with pushing physical and mental boundaries. These activities offer a unique sense of freedom and achievement, and for many, the risk is outweighed by the intense satisfaction of conquering fears.

Question 6 Are action films popular in your country?

Answer –Yes, action films are incredibly popular due to their fast-paced, exciting narratives that often feature heroism, adventure, and suspense. They appeal to a wide audience by delivering visually spectacular sequences and adrenaline-inducing scenarios.

Question 7 Do you think it is a good thing if a leader likes to take risks?

Answer –A leader who takes calculated risks can bring about significant positive change and innovation. However, it is crucial that these risks are well-considered and backed by informed decision-making to avoid unnecessary pitfalls and lead effectively.

Question 8 Do you think men and women will make different choices about risk-taking?

Answer –While societal norms and individual experiences can influence decision-making, it’s reductive to assume all men and women will make different choices regarding risk-taking. Personality, upbringing, and personal values play a more significant role than gender alone in one’s approach to risk.

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