Describe an Interesting Animal You Have Seen

Describe an Interesting Animal You Have Seen

Describe an interesting animal you have seen. You should say:

What animal was it?
When and Where did you see it?
And explain how you feel about this animal.

Animals, as they say, it is the best companion for human. They have great senses of emotion. There are many animals on this planet, and people are still discovering many unseen animals far in dense forests and jungles. They risk their lives in order to see if that animal is in real need of something. Besides, they also get to know how and where they live.

I like going on safari during my holidays, while on my recent trip, I came across an interesting aminal name Tiger. Always heard it but never saw one in real. The moment they see something special to eat, the way they make aliens with other Tiger, the way they plot to chase animals for food in order to survive in the jungle. It shows an interesting pattern of how dominating these tigers are when they are no other animal seems to cross their path. Tiger also showcases leadership.

When talking about feeling this animal besides the hard perspective of being a dominant and powerful animal on earth. They are extremely emotional with their partners and children. For instance, one of the cubs was in a dying condition, and we witnessed Tiger crying for the cub, which proves that animals also have a heart that contains emotions.

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SPEAKING PART 3:- Describe an Interesting Animal You Have Seen

Question 1. What kind of animals do people have in their homes?

Answer:- People keep dogs, cats, and cool and calm pets at home.

Question 2. A lot of animals are getting extinct these days. What do you think about this? Why is it happening?

Answer:- It can be a problem in zoos where they keep in a confined place, and animals are not getting time to mate. However, scientists are working day and night to see to cure these problems.

Question 3. Earlier, people used animals for their work. Now, what do people use to do their work?

Answer:- Earlier, for instance, cows and camel were used as transport from one place to another, whereby it saved many costs but currently, times have changed, and since people have started moving fast they need faster transport like trucks and tractors which can also carry a huge load

Question 4. Research is being conducted on animals. Is this a good idea?

Answer:- Yes, it is a good idea that we get to know more about animals, how and why such things happen to animals, to understand better and better each day and also to cure if any diseases or any illness occurred in it.

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