Describe an Occasion when Someone or Something Made Noise

Describe an Occasion when Someone or Something Made Noise

Describe an occasion when someone or something made noise
You should say:
– Who/what made the noise
– What the noise was like
– What you did
– And explain how you felt about it.

Sample Answer of Describe an occasion when someone or something made noise

I would like to describe an occasion when I was disturbed by a loud noise. This incident happened last year when I was staying at my cousin’s house for a weekend visit. My cousin lives in a bustling neighborhood where there’s always a lot of activity, but this particular instance was notably disruptive.

One evening, while I was trying to relax and read a book, I suddenly heard an incredibly loud and persistent noise coming from outside. It turned out that a construction crew had started working on the road right in front of my cousin’s house. The noise was a combination of heavy machinery, drilling, and hammering, which was not only loud but also quite jarring.

Initially, I tried to ignore the noise, thinking it might subside soon. However, after a few minutes, it became apparent that the construction work was going to last for a while. The constant drilling and hammering made it impossible for me to concentrate on my book or even hold a conversation with my cousin. We decided to close all the windows and doors to try and muffle the noise, but it was still quite disruptive.

I felt a mix of frustration and helplessness because there was nothing I could do to stop the noise. My cousin and I considered going out to a café to escape the racket, but it was already late in the evening, and most places were closing. Despite our efforts to adapt, the noise continued for a couple of hours, making it difficult to relax or focus on anything.

Eventually, I managed to distract myself by listening to some music through my headphones, which helped a bit. However, the experience left me feeling irritated and tired. It was a stark reminder of how environmental noise can significantly impact our well-being and concentration. In the end, I was relieved when the construction work finally stopped, allowing us to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Follow ups Describe an Occasion when Someone or Something Made Noise

What kinds of places should be noise-free?

Answer – Places such as libraries, hospitals, and study rooms should be noise-free to create an environment conducive to concentration, healing, and relaxation. Additionally, places of worship and meditation centers require silence to maintain a serene and reflective atmosphere, allowing individuals to focus and find inner peace without disturbances.

On what occasions do people need to be quiet?

Answer – People need to be quiet during occasions like meetings, exams, and ceremonies to ensure focus and respect. Silence is also important during performances, religious services, and while in libraries. Maintaining quiet in these situations helps create an atmosphere of attentiveness and respect, allowing everyone to fully engage and participate.

Can people bring children to these noise-free places?

Answer – Yes, people can bring children to noise-free places, but they should ensure the children understand and adhere to the required silence. Parents should supervise their children closely to avoid disturbances. In some cases, special areas or times might be designated for families to accommodate children while maintaining a quiet environment for others.

Why can’t people make noise in places like libraries and museums?

Answer – People can’t make noise in places like libraries and museums because these environments are meant for quiet study, reflection, and appreciation. Noise can disrupt concentration, disturb others, and detract from the experience of learning or enjoying exhibits. Maintaining silence ensures that everyone can benefit from a peaceful and respectful atmosphere.

What public morals/etiquette should people follow in your country?

Answer – In my country, people should follow public morals and etiquette such as being polite, respecting personal space, and maintaining cleanliness. It’s important to queue orderly, avoid loud conversations in public places, and show respect for elders. Additionally, punctuality and gratitude are valued, as well as being considerate and helpful towards others in the community.

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