Describe Someone You Know Who Made a Good Decision 

Describe Someone You Know Who Made a Good Decision 

Describe someone you know who made a good decision 
You Should Say:

  • Who he/she is?
  • What decision he/she made?
  • Why it was a good decision?
  • And explain how you felt about the decision?

Sample Answer 1 Describe Someone You Know Who Made a Good Decision

My friend, Arjun, made a commendable decision two years ago when he chose to invest his savings into starting his own technology startup instead of pursuing a well-paying job overseas. After completing his engineering degree, Arjun was presented with lucrative job offers from several multinational companies located abroad. However, harboring an entrepreneurial spirit and a vision for contributing to India’s tech landscape, he decided to stay back and channel his efforts into building his own company focused on developing educational software for children.

This decision was particularly brave given the competitive nature of the tech industry and the relative security a job overseas promised. Yet, Arjun saw an opportunity to fill a gap in the Indian education system by leveraging technology to make learning more accessible and engaging for students across the country.

His venture turned out to be a significant success. Within a year, his platform had reached thousands of users, receiving acclaim for its innovative approach to learning. Arjun’s company not only brought about a positive impact in the educational sector but also created employment opportunities within the community.

Seeing Arjun’s decision unfold into such a fruitful endeavor was truly inspiring. It reinforced my belief in the power of following one’s passion and the impact of taking calculated risks. His story is a testament to the idea that with perseverance, vision, and hard work, it’s possible to turn dreams into reality. I felt incredibly proud of his achievements and motivated by his example to pursue my ambitions with equal determination and courage.

Sample Answer 2 Describe Someone You Know Who Made a Good Decision

My cousin, Priya, made what I consider to be one of the most impactful decisions of her life when she decided to pursue her higher education in social work instead of taking a lucrative job offer from a multinational company. After completing her bachelor’s degree in commerce, Priya found herself at a crossroads, torn between a secure corporate path and her passion for social change.

Choosing to follow her heart, Priya enrolled in a Master’s program in Social Work. This decision was particularly significant because it diverged from the conventional expectations of pursuing a career solely based on financial gain. Her choice reflected a deep commitment to contributing positively to society and addressing issues such as poverty, inequality, and education.

This decision turned out to be immensely rewarding. Priya went on to work with various NGOs, initiating several community development projects that have since had a profound impact on many lives. Her work has not only been fulfilling for her personally but has also inspired those around her, including myself, to consider how we can each make a difference in the world.

Seeing Priya’s decision unfold into such meaningful work filled me with admiration and pride. It underscored the importance of making choices aligned with one’s values and the potential of individual actions to contribute to broader societal change. Her decision reassured me that success is not solely measured by financial gain but by the impact one leaves on the world.

Sample Answer 3 Describe Someone You Know Who Made a Good Decision

My uncle, Rajesh, made an admirable decision that significantly altered his life’s course and the well-being of his family. After years of working in a stable but unfulfilling government job, Rajesh decided to follow his lifelong dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Against the advice of many who believed it was too risky, he resigned from his position to start his own organic farming business.

This decision was particularly brave because it required a complete career shift and a substantial financial risk, especially given the unpredictability of agriculture and market demands. However, Rajesh was passionate about promoting sustainable farming practices and providing healthy, organic produce in a market that was becoming increasingly health-conscious.

His venture turned out to be a resounding success. Not only did it become profitable within a couple of years, but it also contributed positively to the local community by creating jobs and raising awareness about sustainable living practices. His business model has since been recognized and awarded by various environmental organizations.

Reflecting on Rajesh’s decision fills me with immense pride and admiration. It taught me the importance of pursuing one’s passions and the value of taking calculated risks. His courage to step out of his comfort zone and commitment to making a positive impact is truly inspiring. Witnessing his journey from a secure government job to a successful entrepreneur has reinforced my belief in following one’s dreams and the potential for success when you align your career with your values and interests.

Sample Answer 4 Describe Someone You Know Who Made a Good Decision

My friend, Aarav, made a pivotal decision that not only transformed his career but also set a benchmark for others in our circle. After completing his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, Aarav was faced with the conventional choice of pursuing a stable job in a well-known corporation. However, he decided to diverge from this expected path and instead chose to further his education by pursuing a master’s degree in renewable energy.

This decision was remarkable because, at the time, the renewable energy sector in India was in its nascent stages, and there was a lot of uncertainty regarding job opportunities in this field. Despite this, Aarav was deeply passionate about contributing to sustainable development and was convinced that renewable energy would play a crucial role in the future of global energy solutions.

His foresight paid off significantly. Today, Aarav is part of an esteemed team that works on cutting-edge projects aimed at increasing access to clean and sustainable energy sources across rural areas in India. His work not only aligns with his personal values and interests but also addresses some of the most pressing environmental challenges facing the world today.

Upon reflecting on Aarav’s decision, I feel incredibly inspired and proud. His ability to look beyond the immediate and conventional paths to envision a career that not only fulfills his professional ambitions but also serves a greater purpose is truly commendable. It has encouraged me to think more critically about my career choices, ensuring they align with my values and the impact I wish to have in the world.

Sample Answer 5 Describe Someone You Know Who Made a Good Decision

My sister, Neha, made a profoundly wise decision two years ago that significantly altered her career trajectory and personal growth. After working for several years in a demanding IT job, she decided to take a bold step by quitting her job to start her own online clothing business, focusing on traditional Indian wear with a modern twist.

This decision came at a critical point in her life. Neha had always had a keen interest in fashion and design, especially in how traditional Indian attire could be reimagined to appeal to the modern woman. Despite having a secure and well-paying job, she felt unfulfilled and realized that her true passion lay in fashion design. Taking the leap into entrepreneurship, especially in a field as competitive as fashion, was fraught with risks and uncertainties. However, Neha was convinced that there was a market for her unique designs and vision.

Her decision proved to be astute. Her business quickly gained traction through social media, attracting customers from all over the world who were interested in her blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary styling. Today, her brand is not only profitable but also respected for its quality and innovation in design.

Witnessing Neha’s journey from an IT professional to a successful entrepreneur has been incredibly inspiring. It taught me the value of following one’s passion and the importance of taking calculated risks. Neha’s story is a testament to the fact that with hard work, dedication, and belief in oneself, it is possible to turn dreams into reality. I felt incredibly proud and motivated by her success, reminding me to pursue my ambitions with courage and conviction.

Follow-ups Describe Someone You Know Who Made a Good Decision

Question 1 Should children make decisions on their own?

Answer – Children should be encouraged to make some decisions on their own as it fosters independence, critical thinking, and confidence. Starting with small, age-appropriate choices allows them to learn from their successes and mistakes in a safe environment, gradually preparing them for more significant decisions in the future.

Question 2 How should parents help their children make decisions?

Answer – Parents should guide their children in decision-making by discussing various options, potential outcomes, and the values behind those choices. Offering support and encouraging kids to weigh the pros and cons helps them develop analytical skills and ensures they feel confident in their ability to make informed decisions.

Question 3 Do parents in your country take decisions for their children?

Answer – In my country, it is common for parents to make decisions for their children, especially regarding education and career paths, believing their experience offers valuable insight. While well-intentioned, this can sometimes limit a child’s ability to make independent choices and learn from personal experience.

Question 4 Do you think it is advisable to listen to others’ advice when making decisions?

Answer – Listening to others’ advice when making decisions can be advisable, as it provides different perspectives and insights that one might not have considered. However, it’s crucial to critically evaluate this advice against one’s own values and circumstances to ensure the decision remains personally aligned and authentic.

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