Describe Something You Bought that Was Difficult to Use at First

Describe Something You Bought that Was Difficult to Use at First

Describe something you bought that was difficult to use at first. You should say:

  • What it was?
  • Why did you buy it?
  • How you use it?
  • And explain why it was difficult to use at first.

There are so many things which I have always wanted to buy, but today I want to talk about one particular electronic gadget which I have been longing to buy for so many years.

One such gadget is my smartphone, manufactured by Samsung and Cloud 9 when. I bought it for the first time during my freshman year. I was encouraged when I was motivated to buy this phone because all my friends were using costly smartphones, but I restricted myself to buying a less economical phone.

It was really challenging at the beginning because previously. I was using a basic model phone, and using a smartphone was really difficult at the beginning. Later on, I saw some videos on YouTube and also asked my friends to guide me on how to use this phone, so they taught me how to use basic features such as messaging and calling friends or family.

It was very challenging at the beginning, but later on, I got used to it. Similarly, I thought the phone was very intuitive. I finally had many challenges and problems and was happy to use them.

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Part 3 Questions Describe Something You Bought that Was Difficult to Use at First

Q 1:- Do you often buy new things?

Yes, I’m an enthusiastic Uber person as I buy Connect, which I see in adverts or online, so whenever there is a new launch of any product, especially electronic gadgets, I have the urge to buy them immediately.

Q 2:- What type of products is difficult to use at first?

I believe that most electronic gadgets and electrical appliances are challenging to use when they are bought at first because we have not provided any demo for such things. Only a manual is available, so for a person to read the manual and understand it understands how to ensure that the product works would be quite challenging kinds of items are to use.

Q 3:- What are the benefits of online shopping?

There are so many advantages of online shopping. Firstly these are all user-friendly, and we can serve at our convenience from our homes. Secondly, if any product is bought and you are unsatisfied, we can return the items within no time, and the payment will be rewarded immediately. Finally, we have many options to choose from, whichever item we want, and plenty of choices are available.

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Q 4:- What are the disadvantages of online shopping?

As there are advantages, there are also disadvantages as well. Firstly we don’t know what size also the government which chooses if we would fit in the trial as we do it in a physical shop; similarly, after getting a product, we don’t know whether it is listening properly. It’s not. We may have to return it again. Finally, a few vendors do not encourage the return or replacement of items, which causes trouble to the consumers.

Q 5:- Why do some people buy only branded items?

Some people prefer buying only branded products, seeing that these come with good quality and they also sustain for a really long time must be buying these items since so they also trust these manufacturers.

Q 6:- Would you say that advertising makes people buy more news things than they would if there was no advertising?

Also, the strategy would work based on advertising only, so if a new product has been launched and they don’t publish or advertise it to the people, then the public may not know what that product is or how it is. They do not have any idea about it Monday 3 for any to advertise the product set an entrance that it is it reaches people widely.

Q 7:- Do you think old(er) people have difficulties using some things that young people do not?

Oh yes, there are there is a lot of variation among the products which are used by the older and the anger generation typical example would be an electronic gadget, so now what is even a 2-year-old child is capable of handling a phone and knows how to operate it 60-year-old adult using a basic model phone not interested in learning or owning a smartphone.

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