Furniture: Speaking Part 1 Questions with Answers

Furniture: Speaking Part 1 Questions with Answers

Furniture: Speaking Part 1 Questions with Answers. These are the IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Furniture: Speaking Part 1 Questions with Answers

Question 1. Do you have many items of furniture at home? At work?

Answer 1:- In my home, very many products are furnished, like beds, kitchens, sofas, etc.

Answer 2:- Well, I don’t have a lot of furniture in my home. My house has basic furniture items, including essential items like a bed, sofa, table for television and dinner, and a coffee table for the living room. Beds for bedrooms.

Question 2. Do you have any wooden furniture?

Answer 1:- Yes, in my home, I have only wooden furniture.

Answer 2:- Yes, all the furniture in my home consists of wood and wooden design. And which are all Soo fascinating.

Question 3. What furniture do you own? Which items do you like?

Answer 1:- My favorite is my bed bcoz it is I buy my own, that’s why I like it most.

Answer 2:- I bought furniture which is not only comfortable but also very useful. I can sit for hours without being bored and irritated.

Question 4. What’s your favorite item of furniture?

Answer 1:- Early mentioned my bed is my favorite bcoz I buy my own money.

Question 5. Have you ever received furniture as a gift?

Answer 1:- Definitely, my parents should give study table as a gift.

Answer 2:- When I was in senior secondary education, my parents gifted me a study table on my birthday as a present, which is still useful for me.

Question 6. Has anyone bought a piece of furniture for you?

Answer 1:- Definitely, my parents bought furniture for me.

Answer 2:- Recently, my father bought a sofa for me which is in my room, and it is so reliable I sit there when I watch television and use my phone.

Question 7. Do you often buy furniture? Why? Where?

Answer 1:- I always bought furniture in my parent’s cousin’s shop. It is far from our house, and their furniture is always fancy and strong compared to others.

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Answer 2:- I mostly buy furniture with my family members after 4 to 5 years as I deem that the best piece of furniture lasts 10 to 15 years and depends on the care. For purchasing furniture, I preferred the market, which is a stone’s throw away from my home.

Question 8. What furniture do you usually buy? What did you last buy?

Answer 1:- Last month I bought a sofa set in form living room.

Question 9. What kind of furniture would you like to buy?

Answer 1:- Usually, I buy the necessary things, but if I can buy whatever I want, I buy an antic piece of furniture.

Question 10. What styles do you prefer: modern or traditional furniture?

Answer 1:- Recently, in my house, all furniture has been modern. So I prefer modern.

Answer 2:- I mostly prefer modern-style furniture because it is well prepared with modern designs and artwork and also requires less space.

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Question 11. Are you planning to buy any furniture this year?

Answer 1:- No, recently I have had no idea about buying any kind of furniture.

Answer 2:- Yes, of course, at Diwali there will be a festival sale, and I would like to buy a sofa cum bed item of furniture which I think is so useful for less spacious houses.

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