Some People Believe that Hobbies Need to Be Difficult to Be Enjoyable

Some People Believe that Hobbies Need to Be Difficult to Be Enjoyable

Some people believe that hobbies need to be difficult to be enjoyable. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1 Some People Believe that Hobbies Need to Be Difficult to Be Enjoyable

Hobbies are very essential part of our life as everyone should have a minimum of one hobby to be creative in their life and also it makes you feel more stress-free and relaxed, but some people think that we cannot have any simple hobby, it is important to have some difficult hobby which helps you in your later life. In my opinion, I totally disagree with this as a hobby should not be related to easy or difficult it should make you feel happy only.

People nowadays prefer to learn all things without their interest and even indulge their children in this also as parents want their children to be all-rounders, in this way, some children lose their spark and become confused. For instance, some students in the school opted all optional subjects to be all-rounders because their parents wanted them and ended up failing in their major subjects. Also, because of poor time management, a student who doesn’t like to paint cannot start taking an interest in painting after attending classes, even if it will create a burden of survival there. Children should take part in the hobby that makes them more productive.

Having difficult hobbies can make children lose their self-confidence as they are not perfect in that particular activity or hobby which seems not fascinating to them; without interest, they never learn Any new thing and will end up failing in it. For example, some children take on difficult hobbies, and after that, if they don’t learn them perfectly, they will find problems in themselves as they are not good Or self-sufficient. This will bring a lack of confidence in them in spite of this if they work on their interests, they will gain confidence in themselves.

In conclusion, hobbies should be according to your taste and not depend on society as it makes us more confident personality wise because we nurture ourselves by gaining more knowledge in which one is interested And makes them more productive and creative in all way. Hobbies play a vital role in a person’s life, and it should completely depend on a person’s will, not on the difficulty level.

Sample 2 Some People Believe that Hobbies Need to Be Difficult to Be Enjoyable

Several individuals think that leisure activities need some difficult task to enjoy them. This will highlight that this certainly is a rational approach that needs to be opted disagree side in upcoming paragraphs and then lead to a logical conclusion.

Analyzing the statement and explaining further, the first and the most reason behind this is that hobbies are free time activities to relax people’s minds and bodies, and at that time, if the hobby is hard to achieve thus, it leads to loss of focus on the task. Individuals become frustrated and stressed. For instance, if people like playing video games in their leisure time and it is very tricky to solve tasks, they feel more stressed.

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Moreover, another reason in this regard is that people improve their hobbies through their interests, not from the difficulty level. Likewise, some individuals like to listen to music which gives them fun and enjoyment. Some people are health conscious, so they improve their running hobbies, which gives them a sense of satisfaction, although, in this type of leisure activity, there are no difficult or hard tasks.

On the other hand, several individuals like hard tasks rather than easy ones, which gives them a sense of achievement and desired outcomes. To exemplify, numerous people like to play outdoor games which need physical as well as mental work to play better and win the games. If they do more practice, they will definitely win it. No doubt it is difficult, but it gives the desired result.

To recapitulate, difficult free time activity makes goals more concrete. Although from my point of view, they are for getting rid of workload, so not choose them as a difficult task.

Sample 3 Some People Believe that Hobbies Need to Be Difficult to Be Enjoyable

The relationship between the level of difficulty and the enjoyment derived from hobbies is a subject that draws varying viewpoints. While some argue that challenging hobbies are more fulfilling, I am of the opinion that the enjoyment of a hobby is not solely dependent on its level of difficulty. Instead, it is influenced by personal preferences, interests, and the sense of accomplishment gained from engaging in an activity.

Engaging in hobbies, whether simple or complex, is fundamentally about personal satisfaction and leisure. While some individuals may find enjoyment in tackling intricate tasks that require skill development and perseverance, others might derive equal satisfaction from pursuing leisurely activities that provide relaxation and mental relief. For instance, gardening or reading can be immensely enjoyable for those who find solace in them, despite not being excessively challenging.

Furthermore, the notion that hobbies must be difficult to be enjoyable overlooks the role of stress reduction and mindfulness that some uncomplicated activities offer. Engaging in relaxing hobbies can provide an escape from the pressures of daily life and allow individuals to recharge their mental and emotional well-being. These pursuits can contribute to a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

However, it is important to acknowledge that certain individuals thrive on challenges and the pursuit of mastery. Engaging in hobbies that require a higher level of skill or expertise can provide a sense of accomplishment and personal growth. The process of overcoming difficulties and achieving proficiency in a complex hobby can indeed contribute to a higher level of enjoyment for those who are motivated by such achievements.

In conclusion, the extent to which the difficulty of a hobby determines its enjoyment is subjective and varies from person to person. The enjoyment of a hobby is influenced by individual preferences, interests, and the sense of accomplishment gained. While some individuals find satisfaction in tackling challenging hobbies, others derive equal pleasure from simpler, more leisurely pursuits. The key lies in recognizing that hobbies should cater to individual preferences and provide a fulfilling and enjoyable experience, regardless of their level of difficulty.

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