The illustrations show how chocolate is produced

The Illustrations Show how Chocolate Is Produced.

The illustrations show how chocolate is produced. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

Sample 1:- The Illustrations Show How Chocolate Is Produced.

The rendered pictorial representation depicts the distinct steps involved in the process of making chocolate from the cacao trees. Overall, some systematic steps are undertaken in order to complete the process.

The red pods are initially ripened from cacao trees that grow in South America, Africa, and Indonesia. In the following stage, the pods are harvested, and white beans separate from them. After that, these beans are sent for fermentation. As soon as the fermented beans are spread in the sun to dry. Before transporting the beans by truck, it is put in large sacks.

Subsequently, the beans are transported to a factory where they are roasted at 350 degrees Celsius. The roasted beans are crushed into the crusher, and the outer shell is removed there. In the culminating stage, the selected inner part of the beans is pressed by two rollers, and the chocolate liquid is obtained.

To Conclude, this process contains ten steps which commence with collecting red pods from the cacao tree and culminating with the production of chocolate.

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Sample 2:- The Illustrations Show How Chocolate Is Produced.

The flow chart illustrates how chocolate is made from the cacao tree. Overall, This process consists of 10 stages beginning with the growing of the pods on the cacao trees and ending up with the production of liquid chocolate.

To begin, cocoa comes from the cacao trees, which are grown in South America, the African continent, and the country of Indonesia. When the pods are ripe and red, they are harvested, and the white cocoa beans remove. Following a period of fermented, they are placed in a large tray so they can dry under the sun.

Moving forward, these are beans put in large sacks and transported to the factory by train or Lorry. After that, this is taken to the factory and goes to further process. The very next step means roasting at a specific temperature and going to the crossing process. In this process, beans are crossed by the crossing machine, and the bean’s outdoor sale is removed. In the last stage of this process, a roller presses the inner part, and beans are converted to the liquid form of chocolate.

Sample 3: The Illustrations Show how Chocolate Is Produced.

The flow chart shows the production of chocolate. Overall, it is clear that the preparation of chocolate goes through ten(10) stages. This starts in the three(3) countries where cocoa is grown and ends with the final stage of liquid chocolate production.

Cocoa is grown in three(3) countries: South America, Africa, and Indonesia. The ripe red cocoa pods are harvested and then cut into two to remove the white cocoa beans. All the beans are put together into one container and allowed to ferment. It is then spread on a mat and kept under the sun for some days till it is well-dried. The dry beans are put into large sacks and also sealed. The bags of cocoa are packed for it to be transported.

This can be done by train or Lorry. The packed sacks are taken straight to the factory for them to be processed. When it gets there, it is roasted under heat, which is timed. From there, the beans are crushed to remove the outer shell. Again the inner part is pressed with a machine, and the liquid chocolate is produced to get the final product. Chocolate is now produced.

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