The Map Below Gives Information About a School in 2004 and The Change

The map below gives information about a school in 2004 and the change of the same school in 2010. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The Map Below Gives Information About a School in 2004 and The ChangeSample 1

The rendered map outlines the information about the school in 2004 and conversions made in 2010 in the same institute. Overall, after having a myopic look, it is concluded that a great rise is seen in the figure of students as well as the layout of the school.

On analyzing the first figure, it becomes lucid that a school building was present on the left corner of the Hogwards Grammar School in 2004, which remained the same after six years. Still, another two buildings were constructed that were interlinked with each other. Moreover, the size of the sports field was reduced in 2010.

In addition, it was observed that only one car was available on the right side of the campus in the initial year, which was connected to the main road. In 2010, another parking site was constructed in the northwest direction of the school area, which directly connects with the second car park. Probing ahead, it was noticeable that the trees remained untouched.

Furthermore, the statical figure of the number of enrolled students in this school was observed at 600 in 2004, which showed a great incline by 400 in 2010. Lastly, Hogwards Grammar School’s structure became more complex in 2010 as compared to 2004.

Sample 2

The given map illustrates a particular school in 2004 and the changes that occurred in the same school within the next seven years. From the m1p, it is clearly seen that the school experienced a tremendous change in its building and environment within the given year.

In 2004, the school had just a single school building located in the Eastern direction within the school premises, which is connected to the school sports field, which is located at the centre of the school auditorium by a short track. Also, the school has just a Car park pointing towards the West direction through which one can move to the main road. Adjacent to the spot field is the walking path, and adjacent to the car park and school building are the flower trees which beautify the school.
However, the number of students at this time was just 600.

In 2010, the Howgards Grammar School had great innovation and renovation. A new car park was built, making it two, each situated in the East and West direction within the school.

Moreover, the spot field was adjusted a little, allowing space for an additional two school buildings to be erected, making it three. Thus these school buildings were erected close to each other. Two of them are located North wards while one Is located towards the South. However, there was a spontaneous increase in the number of expected students from 600- 1000 students. Nevertheless, the sports field and flower tress remained unchanged.

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