Describe a Crowded Place You’ve Been To

Describe a Crowded Place You’ve Been To

Describe a crowded place you’ve been to. You should say:

  • when you went there?
  • where the place is (or, was)?
  • who you went therewith?
  • and explain how you felt about the place.

Thanks for this lovely cue card, as India is a diverse country, and the population of India is also very huge as it counts as a crowded country. Most of the places are crowded in India, like historical.

Places, markets and all. Last Sunday I went to a market with my friend as she is getting married and had to select dresses for her marriage and on weekdays she is busy with her job so we decided to

Go on Sunday but what we did not know was about the crowd there because on Sunday everyone was there and we could not drive our Scooty Activa so, at last, we parked our Scooty Activa somewhere so that we could do our shopping.

And because it is April month so one can understand the weather. I personally don’t like crowded places, but that day we had to visit different stores on that hot afternoon and had lunch at the restaurant so that we

Could get little energy to beat the crowd of people in this heat. After that, I decided that I would never go to any market on Sundays as after returning home, I got a severe headache because of the huge crowd.

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Part 3 Questions Describe a Crowded Place You’ve Been To

Q 1:- Why do a lot of people enjoy going to crowded places?

Well, it depends on person to person. Some like to go to places where people roam around, like fest and matches to enjoy; however, some just like to sit and home alone.

Q 2:- Where (or what) would you say is the most crowded place in your city?

Local markets are the most crowded place in my hometown, while the railway station is also very crowded.

Q 3:- Would you say it’s important for a city to have amusement (and/or recreational) facilities?

It is very important because any city can become boring without these. Everyone needs some recreational places to enjoy their life.

Q 4:- Why do you think people choose to live in big cities (despite certain problems)?

Because of the facilities, everyone is moving to big cities, which is the only reason cities are becoming crowded; however, villages don’t have complete facilities like hospitals, bus stands, railway stations, etc.

Q 5:- How do you think cities overseas are different from those in your country?

Well, my country’s cities are more polluted because of less land and everyone cutting trees, which indirectly affects us.

Q 6:- Would you say urban planning is important?

Yes, planning everything is important as urban life is becoming very more common nowadays because of the facilities, so government should take care of these things like planning according to the population.

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