Describe a Positive Change in Your Life

Describe a Positive Change in Your Life

Describe a positive change in your life

  • What the change was?
  • When does it happen?
  • How does it happen?
  • And explain why it was a positive change.

Sample 1:- Describe a Positive Change in Your Life

As we know, change is the law of nature. Also, we all change our lives according to situations or times. These changes may bring positive or negative impacts on our life. Here, I would like to talk about a positive change in my life when I was in 9th standard.

This change was about avoiding the bad habit of eating junk food. Earlier, I used to eat fast food in my daily routine when I was in school. I had a kind of addiction to eating spicy food instead of homemade food.

Whenever I had a chance, I tasted the junk food. By that time, I had become a fatty boy, and that habit impacted my health adversely. Having so much fast food in my daily routine disturbed my digestive system as well as I became obese.

After that illness, I promised myself to avoid unhealthy food. In addition, I regularly exercised daily in the morning and took only healthy food items. Honestly speaking, that decision changed my lifestyle completely.

Therefore, I got recovered from a digestion problem. All in all, I feel over the moon because that incident changed my life and lifestyle entirely. Now I am fit and try to encourage others to fitness and a healthy diet.

Sample 2:- Describe a Positive Change in Your Life

Well, change is part and parcel of every individual’s life. Even positive change is the beginning of success, and today I would like to shed some light on one such positive change in my life: getting up early in the morning.

Honestly speaking, I was not an early bird, so I usually get up late, disturbing my whole day’s schedule. Undoubtedly, I faced many troubles throughout the day because of my unpunctuality, but it was an uphill task for me to quit that bad habit.

I remember that I missed one of the exams two years back because of my lethargic attitude. I was a brilliant student in my class. Owing to this reason, I learned the lesson of punctuality. Now I realize that it is quite beneficial for me as all my work is completed on time apart from this change in my life.

I get an opportunity to kill time with my near ones, so I can say it is one of the optimistic changes in my life. Moreover, in the morning, I do my study without any distractions because, at a time, I feel free and better in my exams. To cut a long story short, it is the best experience, and it is the optimistic change of my life.

Part 3 Questions:- Describe a Positive Change in Your Life

Question 1:- Is your country changing rapidly?

Answer 1:- Yes, nowadays, my country is changing very rapidly, and all changes are very good for the country’s people.

Answer 2:- Yes, my Country is changing rapidly as India is developing. Technology plays an indispensable role in every individual’s life, and it is increasing day by day, which leads to the Country on the path of success; surely, one day, my nation will be a developed nation.

Question 2:- How is your country changing?

Answer 1:- Last five years, it has been a big change in our country.

Answer 2:- Well, it is quite outdoors to answer this question because my Country is changing because of various ways first of all, as natives of my nation are enjoying a luxurious lifestyle in this Era apart from this technology makes their life more convenient as a Use technology is most in order to kill their time.

Question 3:- Do you believe that the changes your country went through are positive?

Answer 1:- Yes, definitely, these changes are a positive impact on our country and economy.

Question 4:- Do you think change is good?

Answer 1:- I mention this change is always good for our future.

Answer 2:- Sometimes changes are good, and sometimes changes are bad; it depends on the type of change. For example, if a person is becoming punctual, it is surely a positive change. On the other side, if a person is indulging in bad company, then change is bad.

Question 5:- What are some of the major changes that usually occur to people in our lives?

Answer 1:- I think roadside and electricity are very good changes in people’s lives.

Question 6:- Is it important for people to make changes according to their surroundings?

Answer 1:- Yes, always, people need to make changes according to their surroundings because it is important to change.

Answer 2:- It is crucial for individuals because it is the need of the hour. With changes, they can improve their lifestyle and become more than extroverts; personality is the first step to success. Apart from this, positive changes lead them towards brotherhood.

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