Describe Something You Own that You Want to Replace (1)

Describe Something You Own that You Want to Replace

Describe something you own that you want to replace
You should say:

– What it is
– Where it is
– How you got it
– Explain why you want to replace it.

Sample Answer of Describe Something You Own that You Want to Replace

One of the items I own that I want to replace is my old laptop. It is currently sitting on my desk in my home office, where I use it for various tasks such as writing, browsing the internet, and occasionally watching movies. I purchased this laptop about five years ago when I started my current job, as I needed a reliable machine for work-related activities.

The laptop has served me well over the years, helping me complete countless projects and assignments. However, as technology has advanced, my laptop has started to show its age. It has become significantly slower, taking a long time to boot up and often lagging when I open multiple applications or work on large files. The battery life has also deteriorated, requiring me to keep it plugged in almost constantly, which limits my mobility and flexibility.

Additionally, the screen resolution and overall display quality are no longer up to par with modern standards, making it less enjoyable to use for tasks like photo editing or watching high-definition videos. The keyboard and touchpad have also become less responsive, which can be frustrating when I’m trying to work efficiently.

I want to replace my old laptop with a newer model that has better performance, improved battery life, and a higher-quality display. A new laptop would allow me to work more efficiently and enjoy a smoother, more responsive user experience. It would also provide the latest features and security updates, ensuring that I can stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving demands of my job and personal projects. Replacing my old laptop would greatly enhance my productivity and overall satisfaction with my computing experience.

Follow ups of Describe Something You Own that You Want to Replace

Question 1 Does consumption have any impact on the environment?

Answer – Yes, consumption significantly impacts the environment. High levels of consumption lead to increased waste, resource depletion, and pollution. The production, transportation, and disposal of goods contribute to carbon emissions and environmental degradation. Sustainable consumption practices are crucial to minimizing these negative effects and preserving natural resources for future generations.

Question 2 Why do people always want to buy new things to replace old ones?

Answer – People often want to buy new things to replace old ones due to a desire for improved functionality, aesthetic appeal, and the influence of modern consumer culture. Marketing and advertising also play a significant role, creating a perception of obsolescence and encouraging constant upgrades to stay current with trends and technology.

Question 3  Why do you think some people replace things more often than others?

Answer – Some people replace things more often due to higher disposable incomes, a desire to keep up with trends, or a preference for the latest technology. Personality traits, such as a tendency towards novelty-seeking, and environmental awareness also influence the frequency of replacements. Those less concerned with environmental impact or sustainability may replace items more frequently.

Question 4 Why do young people change things more often than old people?

Answer – Young people tend to change things more often than older people due to a stronger inclination towards innovation, trends, and technology. They are often more influenced by social media and advertising, seeking to express their identity through new possessions. In contrast, older individuals may prioritize practicality and longevity, leading to less frequent replacements.

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