Describe your experience when you changed your school/college/House

Describe your experience when you changed your school/college/House

Describe your experience when you changed your school/college/House

  • Why did you change your school/college?
  • When was it?
  • Was that helpful?
  • What were the consequences after that?

Sample 1: Describe your experience when you changed your school/college/House

Well, it happened once in a blue moon with me that I have to change my house because of some reason, so here I would like to take the opportunity to talk about an incident that happened to me when I was in 6th grade when I was in my school my father has a transferring job so because of this we have to transfer from Baroda to Ahmedabad at that time when I heard about my transfer to Ahmedabad.

I was slightly excited and nervous at the same time because I had heard a lot about Ahmedabad city. That was a Heritage City and Metropolis City, so because of this, I am excited at the same time.

I felt nervous because it is a very it was a very new place for me to come and stay here, and at that time, my, age was 12 years., I have made many friends in my old home town, and I am habited with that atmosphere of Baroda.

Still, after coming to Ahmedabad, I found it challenging to make a new relationships with anyone more frequently. However, when they passed, I found it a piece of cake because my neighbors are very adjustable and sweet, so they didn’t let me feel like I was an outsider.

They made a relationship with us like we have known each other for a long time, and now I am very grateful to be in Ahmedabad because I have a lot of experience and unique places to visit.

Sample 2: Describe your experience when you changed your school/college/House

A school is a place that comes second to home, providing children with shelter and the opportunity to gain and expand knowledge. I want to discuss my experience moving to a new school.

My new school was located at a distance of 10 km away from my home actually before joining the new school I lived in a small village named Tajpur with my family. Where low-quality education was available, so to get higher education, I hated to move to a city.

I still remember when I was seven, I had to change school. My new school’s name was Takahashi Vidyalaya. The building of my school was beautifully green, and specialist civil objects were required for proper schooling.

Yes, it was beneficial. I learned about the difference between educationĀ in a village school and an urban school. It was a Gujarati school focused on other particular activities; undoubtedly, it was a new place for me.

I was a little bit nervous, and I had no friends on the first day of my new school, but after a few days, some students made friends with me. I did my senior secondary at this school, and this school gave me my best friend.

Part 3 Questions: Describe your experience when you changed your school/college/House

Question 1:- Are children better at solving problems than adults?

Answer 1:- Children are not as mature as adults, so they are not good at solving problems by themselves. I can say that others are very good at handling any situation or problem by themselves.

Answer 2:- No, I don’t think children are better at problem-solving than adults because to solve a problem, they need two main factors: experience and logical knowledge, which is not in children. And sometimes, it depends on the problem and its nature.

Question 2:- If people move frequently, is it better to stay in one house all the time?

Answer 1:- If a person is moving to another house very often, then it is hard for them to live life in one house for a while, and they find it boring to stay there and leave their life for their whole life.

Answer 2:- Yes, from my point of view, it is better to stay in one place rather than frequently move because people are familiar with their environment and neighbors whenever they stay in one place. When they frequently move, its effect their children’s education.

Question 3:- What are the pros and cons of living in a high-rise building?

Answer 1:- There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to it. If we talk about advantages first, then if we live in high-rising buildings, we have several security and facilities which are very amazing. We are surrounded by sincere people who are very sweet and humble; however, some drawbacks, like we have to pay more maintenance, and we have to follow some rules and restrictions whether we like them or don’t like them, and many more.

Answer 2:- I think the advantages of living in high rise building are seeing a beautiful view and getting fresh air and also we get more facilities like a com theatre, swimming pool, gym shops and many the other hand there are some disadvantages like whenever natural disasters happen it is hard to find a good place to live.

Question 4:- What are the pros and cons of living in an old and new neighborhood?

Answer 1:- Pros about living in an old neighborhood are that we are familiar with our neighbors and we are familiar with our area, so it is not hard to make any conversation with them, but there is a drawback if we are, we don’t have a good relation with the person who is leaving the sides US then we don’t feel good, and we get frustrated by them but however if we are living with new neighbors then we have the advantage of knowing new culture or tradition of their family and knowing new people, but there is this advantage that we don’t know who is the person and how they communicate with us or we might don’t like them.

Answer 2:- I think the major difference between living in an old and new place is that we are familiar with the old environment as well as our neighbors. Comparatively, we cannot easily sit with them in a new place.

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