Some People Think that Governments Should Give Financial Support

Some People Think that Governments Should Give Financial Support

Some people think that governments should give financial support to creative artists such as painters and musicians. Others believe that creative artists should be funded by alternative sources. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Sample 1:- Some People Think that Governments Should Give Financial Support

Creative artists are an essential part of society. However, some people believe that government bodies should give financial support to creative artists such as musicians and painters. But a number of people think that artists should be funded by nongovernment bodies like NGOs, etc. In this essay, I will discuss both sides and give my opinion in the conclusion paragraphs.

This passage will shed some light on why governments should give financial support. To begin with, if Governments support local artists, then artists develop their art instead of generating their income. For instance, governments buy local artists’ paintings, showcase them in museums, and generate their passive income. This is beneficial for both artists as well as governments. However, some time Government pays artists for living expenses, but artists should not generate their income through their art. So, That time governments lose their money. Hence, this situation has positive as well as negative impacts on the government and artists.

On the other hand, nongovernment bodies such as NGOs funded local artists instead of governments. This also merits and demerits for both. Nongovernment organizations are funded to buy materials for artists and other equipment. So, artists focus on their art and generate income through their art. This is a benefit for artists. Moreover, these NGOs organize some events and showcase artists’ talent in front of people and generate income for that, and artists make publicity for that. Thur, this is a positive note for both.

To conclude, both views are genuine; governments should financially support the artists so that artists focus on their art, not the money. Also, private organizations and artists can have mutual benefits.

Sample 2:- Some People Think that Governments Should Give Financial Support

Undoubtedly, arts play an indispensable role in an individual’s life. In regard to this, many dwellers opine that it would be better if the Government put a step forward to help artists with financial support, while others believe that they should be funded by other sources such as live performances and concerts. I stand with the latter view because I feel that despite any burden of the Government, they can easily focus on their dreams through hard work if they do all the work through their own efforts.

On the one hand, there may be enormous causes why some multitudes surmised that government support is necessary. The predominant one is they believe that it is because of such artists like painters and musicians that culture and traditions proliferated when artists discovered various kinds of paintings and various designs which were placed in museums and exhibitions. Due to this causes, a lot of artworks require different materials, which require a lot of money, which can only be achieved by authorities funding support. For example, in this modern Era, traditional values and paintings are less preferred by people of today’s society; however, if the Government allocated money in this case, paintings would be more attractive, and as a result, this one’s culture would be preserved.

On the other hand, some individuals believe it would be a great idea if other sources, including sponsorships, concerts, and live performances, funded creative artisans. The main reason behind this approach is that if artists work under Government and are funded by them, they would be more pressurized in regards to completing their work, and even they may find it difficult to concentrate wholly on their work; however, as a consequence of this, they work purposely. Howbeit, for instance, if they work on their own efforts, they can complete their work wholeheartedly to attract individuals through their creativity and make more profit.

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After having evaluated the different aspects of this notion, it can be stated that, Although the Government can give a helping hand to creative artists, it would be a better approach if they work and be eminent through their own efforts. Because this can create a feeling of joy and satisfaction in their work and by creating a name and fame in the Country.

Sample 3 Some People Think that Governments Should Give Financial Support

The question of whether governments should provide financial support to creative artists or if alternative funding sources are more suitable is a matter of ongoing debate. Both perspectives have their merits, but I am inclined to believe that a combination of government support and alternative funding mechanisms is essential to foster a vibrant artistic community.

Supporters of government funding argue that creative artists contribute significantly to a nation’s cultural identity and societal well-being. By providing financial assistance, governments can ensure that artists can dedicate their time and energy to their craft, thereby producing works that enrich the cultural landscape. Furthermore, state-funded initiatives can promote inclusivity and diversity by enabling artists from various backgrounds to pursue their creative endeavors without financial constraints.

On the other hand, those advocating for alternative funding sources often point to potential drawbacks of government support. They argue that government funding might stifle artistic independence by subjecting artists to bureaucratic regulations and expectations. Additionally, reliance solely on public funds can limit the scope of creative projects, as funding might be directed towards art that aligns with political or cultural agendas. Therefore, proponents of alternative funding sources suggest that artists should seek patronage, grants, donations, or commercial opportunities to maintain creative autonomy.

In my view, a balanced approach that combines government support and alternative funding mechanisms is ideal. Government funding can provide a foundational level of support to ensure that artists have the freedom to create without financial hardship. This funding should be accompanied by transparency and minimal interference, allowing artists to pursue their visions without compromise. Simultaneously, creative artists should actively explore opportunities beyond government support. Engaging with private patrons, corporate partnerships, crowdfunding platforms, and art sales can diversify income sources and enhance artistic freedom.

A successful model of this balanced approach can be observed in various countries where governments offer grants and subsidies while also encouraging artists to seek additional funding avenues. For instance, Scandinavian countries have robust arts funding programs, but artists are also encouraged to establish their own sustainable networks for support.

In conclusion, the debate over government funding versus alternative sources for creative artists is complex. A combination of both approaches ensures that artists can create authentically while also accessing a variety of financial opportunities. Governments should play a role in nurturing artistic expression, but artists should also be proactive in exploring diverse funding options to maintain their creative integrity and sustainability.

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