Describe a Crop or Vegetable or Plant that You Are Familiar With

Describe a Crop or Vegetable or Plant that You Are Familiar With

Describe a crop or vegetable or plant that you are familiar with.

  • What is it, and where it grows?
  • How did you become familiar with it?
  • What do you like or dislike about it?
  • And explain why this is important for your country?

Sample 1:- Describe a Crop or Vegetable or Plant that You Are Familiar With

I come from Gujarat, which is a beautiful state of India and famous for agriculture. There are several types of crops grown here; however, today, I would like to talk about the crop wheat. I have been familiar with this crop since my school days.

Yes, I had an agriculture subject during school time, so I have lots of knowledge about crops. Describe is grown mostly in Gujarat and Punjab state because of high fertility and their condition is suitable for wheat crop production.

If I talk about showing the time of the wheat crop, it takes place in October and November. As well as it is harvested in April month. I like this crop because it is made for every people in my country and it is a daily need.

From this, wheat is exported to many other states of India and foreign countries, which help raise the local economy. This crop is really important for my nation because the folks in India and dependent on this crop for earning, as well as most preferred to it within India than any other type of food. So this is a crop I am really familiar with.

Sample 2:- Describe a Crop or Vegetable or Plant that You Are Familiar With

So being a food enthusiast and fitness freak, I tried many foods and vegetables to become fit. So I’m going to talk about my favorite crop, which is jackfruit. I tried it at a wedding about a year ago, I think, and I love the taste of jackfruit.

After eating that, I became a big fan of jackfruit, and after that, I came home from a wedding and searched videos on YouTube on how to make jackfruit as they showed video it is very easy to make and takes less time jackfruit as well in the north of India.

Jackfruit has a huge market in India and India, and also it is very good for health and helps to beat cancer. So it improves the health of the individuals. It has multiple users, and the chances of wastage are less because if we don’t use it for a long time, it takes to get sweet, and you can have it as a fruit.

Part 3 Questions:- Describe a Crop or Vegetable or Plant that You Are Familiar With

Question 1:- Do people in your country like to grow plants at home?

Answer 1:- In my country, people like to grow plants of fruits and vegetables which give them fresh fruit.

Answer 2:- Yes, people in my country like to grow plants at home. My mother used to have a tree of lemons and a tree of eggplant in the house, so we could get the lemons and eggplant sometimes from our garden, and it is very fresh and tasty to eat.

Question 2:- Do old people grow plants?

Answer 1:- Yes, older people like to grow plants like lemon trees, mango trees, banana trees, and many more.

Answer 2:- Yes, in my country, old people don’t have much work to do, so they do gardening in their small gardens and group fruits and veggies so they can enjoy the taste of natural veggies and fruits in their home like my grandfather used to grow plants in his free time.

Question 3:- How do schools teach students to grow plants?

Answer 1:- In schools, teachers teach their children how to grow plants and give them practical examples.

Answer 2:- Teachers provide information about growing fruits and vegetables to the children so they can be interested in the agriculture section. The teacher can provide information to the students practically and in theory. Hence, it helps the students to gain knowledge agriculture section.

Question 4:- What is the main crop of your country?

Answer 1:- Yes, I say wheat and rice are the main crops of my country which are also essential products not in my country but all over the world people.

Answer 2:- The main group in my country is wheat and rice. It has a huge market of wheat and rice all over Asia. Every farmer used to grow wheat and rice in their respective seasons.

Question 5:- How were the crops grown in the past?

Answer 1:- The past-time groups grew without any pesticides, and they are fairly organic.

Answer 2:- Crops are grown in the past without any fertilization or machinery. Farmers do their work independently, and I think it’s very hard to grow plants without a tractor and fertilization.

Question 6:- Do you know some of the more advanced ways to grow crops?

Answer 1:- Yes, there are many advantages and advancements in technology, and nowadays, greenhouse crops are more in demand than any other.

Answer 2:- Where I think the more advanced functions for growing crops are that farmers can use tractors and newly advanced machines in Indian farms so they can easily grow the crops.

Question 7:- Are there some drawbacks to growing crops using modern technology?

Answer 1:- There are some cons of growing crops with technology, like hybrid crops have less protein and fiber than organic, which is the most preponderant disadvantage.

Answer 2:- Lack of practical knowledge, the farmers cant handle the machines properly. At the same time, the cost of maintenance is very high. Overuse of machines may lead to environmental damage.

Question 8:- Is farming a popular career choice in India?

Answer 1:- In India, 70% of people are dependent on farming, so in my point of you, farming is not a good career in India.

Answer 2:- I believe farming is a very popular career choice in India because it is not easy. The farmers are highly trained to produce crops and vegetables on their land. And not everyone can do it, so I think that’s a very popular and highly recommended career choice in the future.

Question 9:- Why don’t young people today like to be in the farming business?

Answer 1:- Younger people are required to do lots of hard work, and nowadays, they are habitual dead with laziness, so they do not like farming.

Answer 2:- Young people are usually not interested in this field of work, largely due to their perception of farming as old-fashioned and unprofitable.

Question 10:- How do you think technology will change farming in the future?

Answer 1:- Technology is improving with time, so in the farming sector, technology is also improving, and labor work is decreasing in the future time, and all work with machinery.

Answer 2:- Technology changes farming totally because nowadays, many new companies use row boats and newly HITECH machinery so they can form make it easy. I think in future farming will be changed.

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