Nowadays Celebrities Are More Famous for Their Glamour and Wealth

Nowadays Celebrities Are More Famous for Their Glamour and Wealth

Nowadays celebrities are more famous for their glamour and wealth than for their achievements, and this sets a bad example for young people. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Sample 1:- Nowadays Celebrities Are More Famous for Their Glamour and Wealth

Celebrities play an important role in every teenager’s life. According to one school of thought, in the contemporary era, television stars are gaining more popularity from their luxurious lifestyle as well as their money status rather than achieving success in their life which has a detrimental effect on adolescents’ vulnerable minds. I will show complete agreement with the given statement and put forth the grounds for doing so in the ensuing paragraphs.

To commence with the view that celebrities are famous for glamour and wealth. Media plays an essential role in the celebrity’s life. In other words, the media just highlights their luxurious lifestyle, like big cars and houses, and the money they spend on their look and clothes, which are attracted the new generation more frequently. They do not focus on the struggle or story behind their achievements and their volunteer work, such as donating some money to charity or providing help to shoddier people.

Moving towards the bad impact on the youngster of this. First of all, they are distracted from their studies. They spend most of their time watching videos of their favorite celebrity’s fake life. Secondly, they demand more money to follow their favorite celebrity look and wear the same type of clothes their role model wears. Last but not least, they may indulge in crime when their parents do not complete their demands. They may choose the wrong path to fulfill them. They are trying to steal money from their homes. Therefore, it may have a negative impact on their overall development.

In conclusion, it can be recapitulated that highlighting the glamorous life and wealth may be more deleterious for the children’s growth. Parents should keep an eye on their children’s activities, and the media should give more preference to the achievements of television stars, which is motivated youngster to achieve their goals in their life.

Sample 2:- Nowadays Celebrities Are More Famous for Their Glamour and Wealth

These days, celebrities such as sportsmen and actors are more famous for their lifestyle and money than their achievements. Although some people believe in this statement, I strongly disagree with this viewpoint. In this essay, I will discuss both of us in upcoming paragraphs.

This passage will shed some light on all celebrities who are not famous for their glamorous lifestyle and wealth. In spite of this, many famous cricketers and actors are famous for their talent. If people do hard work day and night, then they become famous celebrities. No doubt some people become famous without achievements, but not all are famous without a successful career. For instance, Shahrukh Khan and Virat Kohli belong to poor family, and both of them do hard work and achieve their position. So, it is unfair to say all famous people are famous for their wealth and rich lifestyle. Hence, this is the point why I do not agree with this statement.

Alternatively, many celebrities are famous for their parents and wealth not only this but also people famous in one night through doing something unique. For example, Ananya Panday was born into an actor family, and she is nothing face any struggles in their life. See famous for their father, who is also an actor in Bollywood. Moreover, baptism is always there. Many people are famous for their family name, like the Kapoor family. So, this is our example of being famous for other reasons instead of achievements.

To sum up, even though many people are famous for their glamor and wealth some people achieve many things in their life and become famous this situation has both sides on young adults and people, some young people do their hard work then some people so they’re lucky.

Sample 3 Nowadays Celebrities Are More Famous for Their Glamour and Wealth

The prevalence of celebrities being renowned primarily for their opulence and allure rather than their accomplishments is a contemporary concern. While it is true that many celebrities are celebrated for their materialistic attributes, I partially agree with the statement, as not all celebrities prioritize extravagance over meaningful achievements. It is essential to recognize that celebrity culture is nuanced and can offer both positive and negative influences on young individuals.

Undoubtedly, a considerable portion of modern celebrity culture is centered around glamour, wealth, and superficial pursuits. The constant media exposure showcasing extravagant lifestyles, luxury possessions, and lavish events can indeed convey the message that these attributes are the ultimate markers of success. This can foster unrealistic expectations among young people, leading them to prioritize appearances and material gain over substantive accomplishments. Moreover, the glorification of celebrity excess can contribute to a culture of consumerism and contribute to a distorted sense of values.

However, it is important to acknowledge that not all celebrities conform to this stereotype. Many accomplished individuals in the public eye have made significant contributions in fields such as arts, sciences, philanthropy, and social activism. For instance, celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Angelina Jolie have used their fame and fortune to raise awareness about environmental conservation and human rights issues, respectively. These examples demonstrate that celebrity influence can also be harnessed positively to inspire young people to pursue meaningful endeavors and make a difference in the world.

Furthermore, it is crucial to consider the role of media portrayal in shaping public perceptions. The media often highlights sensational stories that generate attention and profit. Therefore, celebrities’ achievements that do not involve glamour and wealth might receive less coverage compared to their more ostentatious aspects. This selective portrayal contributes to the perception that celebrities are predominantly concerned with materialism.

In conclusion, while it is true that contemporary celebrity culture frequently emphasizes glamour and wealth over accomplishments, it is an oversimplification to categorize all celebrities under this umbrella. While some celebrities do set a negative example, many others use their platform to promote meaningful causes and inspire positive change. It is crucial for young people to critically evaluate the values and motivations of celebrities they admire and recognize that true success is multifaceted, encompassing both substance and style.

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