Talk About a Car or Bicycle Trip You Would Like to Go On

Talk About a Car or Bicycle Trip You Would Like to Go On

Talk about a car or bicycle trip you would like to go on. Please tell me

  • Who would you like to go with?
  • Where you would like to go?
  • When you would like to go?

Well, I love to drive cars as well as cycle and have accomplished many trips to places like Jaipur and Shimla. But, here I would like to take this opportunity to describe a car trip that I would like to go on. Let me start off by talking about with whom I would like to go.

Actually, I would like to go with my cousin, who is my bosom friend as well, and I have had a dream in my mind since childhood that I would go on a journey to Rajasthan, which is popularly known as the Desert area in India. Besides this, I watched a documentary on Rajasthani culture about a month ago, in which all the traditions, as well as customs of that region were shown.

After watching it, I determined that I would definitely complete this trip in the future. Although I like to travel with my friends, this time I will go on with my family in the Winter season, especially in the month of October because at that time the temperature of that area is neither too cold nor too warm. Another reason for pursuing this journey is that I want to visit my relatives who our Visting over there.

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So it is obvious that I would go by car, then we both will enjoy as well as also explore the different places that would come on the way to Rajasthan. Moreover, I have heard from a few neighbours that the food of that area is just awesome and the special ‘Thali’ of Rajasthan, which consists of about 20 distinct dishes prepared with special spices. I will also buy the traditional costumes as a memory and also good quality mustard oil. So, this is the trip by car that I would like to go on.

Part 3 Questions:- Talk About a Car or Bicycle Trip You Would Like to Go On

Question 1:- Do people in your country prefer to travel by car or bike?

In India, people prefer to travel by both as the car is considered the best and most convenient mode of transportation for long-distance journeys. Talking about the bicycle, which is known best for reducing the pollution level in the environment and is currently famous as means of transportation among all folks.

Question 2:- Is cycling becoming less popular or more popular in your country?

In my perspective, cycling is very popular in India, As various cleanliness and pollution-reducing campaigns are launched, which leads to more use of the cycle.

Question 3:- Do you think people need to drive fewer cars to protect the environment?

Definitely, yes. Owing to this, cars help decrease the environmental pollution rate as there will be less smoke after not driving by car.

Question 4:- What is the difference between transportation systems in rural and urban areas?

In an urban area, the more popular mode of transportation is private cars or motorbikes because everyone has to go to their jobs. Talking about rural areas, the popular one is public buses due to the lack of good furnishing of roads.

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