The Chart Below Shows the Process of Waste Paper Recycling

The chart below shows the process of waste paper recycling. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The Chart Below Shows the Process of Waste Paper RecyclingSample 1:- The Chart Below Shows the Process of Waste Paper Recycling

The rendered chart illustrates the procedure regarding reprocessing of paper which is wasted.

In a nutshell, after having a myopic look, it is concluded that five stages are involved in this process, and the disarrangement of steps may halt the process.

The first striking pace of the operation is the collection of waste paper which comes from businesses and public paper banks. Subsequently, after that, sorting is done by hand, in which the paper is graded first, and then the unsuitable paper is removed. Furthermore, the third major step is transportation, in which litter paper is delivered to the paper mill.

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Probing ahead, it is worth noticing that cleaning, pulping and removing other materials like staples are done under the cleaning action.

Moreover, it can be plainly viewed that there is a removal of inks and glues, and this procedure is known as De-inking. Lastly, usable paper is manufactured by machine. Therefore, by including these distinct stages process of waste paper recycling is completed.

Sample 2:- The Chart Below Shows the Process of Waste Paper Recycling

The diagram illustrates six stages in recycling the waste paper from the collection point to the paper-remaking machine. At the beginning of the process, waste papers are collected from public banks and business places where most of the papers are used daily.

Then, to choose the papers suitable for the process, sorting is done manually, removing the debris and unsuitable paper and carried out to the next stage of the process. After sorting, papers are transported to the paper mill to start the process of recycling. The 3rd step of the process is reserved for cleaning and pulping of the papers, but before doing so, the materials like staples that are not recyclable are removed from the papers.

As the fourth stage in the process, de-inking is carried out to remove the inks and glues of these sorted papers. Finally, the papers are inserted into the paper-making machine to manufacture usable paper using already used papers.

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