Talk about a person who works on space exploration

Talk About a Person Who Works on Space Exploration

Talk about a person who works on space exploration

  • Who the person is?
  • How do you know about him/her?
  • What exactly does he do?
  • How do you feel about it?

Sample 1: Talk About a Person Who Works on Space Exploration

Work on space exploration because this is a very challenging field type of job here. I would like to talk about her personal work in space exploration. She is named Dr. Swati Mohan. he was born in India, and after one year, he migrated to the USA.

When he was one year old, she worked in a NASA company which was located in USA, California read. I read one article about space exploration, and this article’s headline was Indian first woman who successfully landed a rover on Mars’s surface. She was one of the only women working on a space exploration mission on Mars.

Moreover, work with NASA last eight years and work as a supervisor at NASA leading a mission from Earth to Mars in a rover currently see work as a guide for many students who work on sand filled and work on a stem missions also see mentor of many scientists who works and these mission works on a place exploration from NASA and her parents proud of her because she works in a reputed company and also all Indian work proud because one Indian woman who works on best leading space exploration company in World so this so she is a woman who works on a space exploration program.

Sample 2: Talk About a Person Who Works on Space Exploration

It is a very difficult task to work on space exploration there for two people to choose this field. However, today I am going to talk about an astronaut Dr. Swati Mohan. She was born in India and migrated to us when she was one year old.

I came to know about her last year when I was surfing on Pinterest. I learned that a doctor starting Mohan safely landed on Mars. To be honest, I was very glad, and I had gone bumps. It was one of the best missions by NASA. Please start working at NASA as a technical group supervisor in 2021.

Before this, she walked for the past eight years on Mars. Now what is she supporting the group members who do the same work as she does now as a mentor astronaut to succeed in the mission? She made her parents proud, and every Indian was over the moon when I heard the news that an Indian-born astronaut had completed her mission.

Part 3 Questions: Talk About a Person Who Works on Space Exploration

Question 1:- What do you think fascinates humans about outer space?

Answer 1:- No, I don’t think children are better at problem-solving than adults because an adult has the fast experience that helps them tackle problems. On the other hand, children have no other experience.

Answer 2:-Yes, of course! I would be really interested to see what else is out there. I’m not sure if this would happen in my lifetime, though. However, I’ve heard that one day we may be able to take trips to space.

Question 2:- Do you think that’s why some stories about space travel have been so ‘imaginative’?

Answer 1:- My point to you is it is better to leave one place rather than frequently change houses because when people are in one place, this MLA with their environment as well as neighbors, so they feel more comfortable in one place.

Answer 2:- The moon or Mars! I would say the moon because I’m interested to know what it feels like to walk on it. I’m also curious if the myth that it’s made out of cheese is accurate. On the other hand, I’ve heard there is water on Mars, suggesting that there could be life there, so I’d be fascinated to investigate that firsthand.

Question 3:- How do you think people’s attitudes toward space exploration have changed since the first Moon landing?

Answer 1:- Yes, people feel more excited to know about space exploration and especially about the moon, because many peoples are there who like to live on the moon in the future life.

Answer 2:- I think it’s quite intriguing, as I believe that other life forms may exist. Moreover, it’s fascinating to find out more about the other complex galaxies surrounding us. I believe there is much more to the universe than only Earth.

Question 4:- To what extent do you think governments will continue to fund projects in search of life on other planets?

Answer 1:- Yes, the government should spend some money on space explosion because it is an alternative way of living in the future. Nowadays, Earth is more polluted with chemicals, so they should search for another alternative place to live in the future.

Answer 2:- Definitely appropriate astronautical gear, as I’ve seen in pictures. Furthermore, I would like to bring some kind of camera or video to be able to show my friends on Earth what I saw. Lastly, I would like to bring some kind of gift from Earth just in case I came across another life form there.

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