Average Life Expectancy Is Increasing

In the Developed World, Average Life Expectancy Is Increasing

In the developed world, average life expectancy is increasing. What problems will this cause for individuals and society? Suggest some measures that could be taken to reduce the impact of aging populations.

Sample 1:- In the Developed World, Average Life Expectancy Is Increasing

In this modern era, the period of existence is escalated, which has led to several difficulties for people and the community. In the upcoming paragraphs, I will discuss some cause and their solution to aging impact on people and thus lead to a logical conclusion.

There are a myriad of reasons which will further explain this argument, but the most preponderant one steam from the fact that freshers do not get jobs easily because they have no experience and older people have vast work experience, so if they do not leave their job, new covers could not get it. A step to deal with this problem is that government should decrease the retirement age. Thus, it will provide a route to jobs for younger people.

Moreover, younger people spend more and more on their parent’s health because they rely on medicines at an older age. So, two tackle this issue, authority and some medicine company made a curious remedy, which makes retired people healthy and fit, though they have no need for any medication and then children do not spend more money on them, which lead to a boost in the economy.

Furthermore, it is more burden on taxpayers. If older people live more, the government should pay them more pension. And authority put more charge on people to recover it. To resolve this problem, the constitution encourages more immigrants and they work in their nation and pay more taxes.

To Recapitulate, there are lots of issues that happen if increase average life age likewise hard to get work for younger ones, older peoples medication, and pension but, various measures can be taken to tackle the problem like an alternative way of medicines, welcome immigrants and stop working on a certain age.

Sample 2:- In the Developed World, Average Life Expectancy Is Increasing

In this developed world, life expectancy is increasing with the help of modern techniques and newly added medicines. This will cause a problem for the government and the youth. Here are some measures taken by the government to reduce the burden on the younger generation.

On the one hand, life expectancy is increasing, and the government has to take some steps to reduce the impact of an aging population. Most nations have a retirement age of around 60. At the same time, a healthy person can work up to age 65. Moreover, wealthy countries improve their health by investing in more advanced medical research, which can help unhealthy people, So the seniors can live a healthy life without relying on their offspring.

On the other hand, the problem due to increased life expectancy is a huge burden on the taxpayers. The government provides a proper pension facility to ensure senior citizens’ survival. Another major problem is adding financial responsibility to the shoulders of the young member of the family. It can affect the family’s daily expenses. Because almost every old, aged person is suffering from common diseases like Diabetes, Blood pressure, etc., the young person has to take care of the old family member. To visit the doctor and do some expensive treatment is a pain in the pocket. If the government added funds to the pension scheme, old, aged people could care for themselves.

In conclusion, I explain some major points in my writing. So everyone can easily take care of their old aged person without a burden and also senior citizens live a healthy life.

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