Describe a Performance You Enjoyed Watching

Describe a Performance You Enjoyed Watching

Describe a performance you enjoyed watching. You should say:

  • What the performance was?
  • When and where do you watch the performance?
  • Who was performing (or, who performed)?
  • And explain why you enjoyed the performance.

There are so many performances which I have been visiting, and I would like to visit in future as well but today. I want to talk about one of my favourite performances.

I recently visited the pop music of Western music, which we can call it, and it was organized for the first time in my country. It was organized on exhibition grounds and Hyderabad, just 10 miles from where I recited.

I was very excited to visit this song because it was by Justin Bieber, who is a Renault artist in this World. I’m a huge fan of his albums and his childhood music days, so I was very excited, and I was thriving to visit this concert thrived on visiting this place at the end of the concert.

I got a chance to meet him personally. Lucky we also got we also clicked photos with him, delighted to talk to him, and finally, we also uploaded the photos on social media like Pinterest.

Adelphia is very excited to see that I got this immense opportunity to shake hands with one of the best artists in the World. I was actually on cloud nine at the end of the day.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Performance You Enjoyed Watching

Q 1:- Do you think traditional performances are important?

Yes, I believe that it is vital for traditional performances to happen at least every once in a blue moon on different stages on different stages also our rights, and we should protect the heritage of our own country along with the introduction of Western music. Traditional music is the basic part of any kind of music, which is learned by the ink artists and requires the upcoming singers to know classical music.

Q 2:- Is Learning Drama or Dance Good for Children?

Yes, absolutely Having a hobby for any child is important, and they have to pursue some kind of extracurricular activity. Mama or dance is important, and people can choose between the either of them chooses drama then. They will gain skills in action and theatre; on the other hand, if a person chooses to dance, then they have a great scope of becoming a dancer.

Q 3:- Is learning drama or dancing helpful for kids?

Important and replace a vital role for kids for their future as well just concentrating on their academics they have to have some co-curricular activities which make them regenerate and activate themselves different education arts into update their skills towards different forms of.

Q 4:- Should Government Provide Financial Support to Traditional Performances?

Yes, I believe that it is mandatory for the government to provide different packages of privileges to the people, generates encouragement to people to pursue the traditional form of art and I recently came to know that traditional music is being deprived lately put what’s the involvement of government and their interest towards this form of contribution will make the society and its members to pursue play Carrie Underwood as an extracurricular activity.

Q 5:- What do you think is the difference between watching a live performance and watching it on TV?

There are so many differences when we watch it in a theatre in front of an audience and perform by artists; it is very artificial. Sometimes it feels fake to watch it on a national television idea envy experience it directly on the stage, whereas on TV, it is recorded it has been played so many times and we don’t get to enjoy it naturally.

Q 6:- How do you think watching a dance performance or a stage play influences children?

It creates a lot of impact on the children. I didn’t get to understand what kind of art they wanted to pursue or if they wanted to engage in their extra activities. Also, they got to see the form of art which was being performed, and they got a lot to pursue enacting these types of art in the future as well.

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